Cherish our water and food resources

六月 16, 2008

Cherish Our Food & Water

This powerpoit file has been shared a lot via email. It’s sad to see people starving and dying because of food/ water shortage. Compared to those who are suffering, aren’ we far luckier. What can we do to help?


Film about the MSF

六月 16, 2008

This video offers a complete overview of the activities, philosophy and structure of the internatioal hamanitarian organization Doctors without Borders / Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF). Listen Carefully and fill in the blanks with the infromation provided in the 10-minute video. Tell the inspiration you derive from MSF’s work and what can you do to help change the world for the better? View msf-script for the worksheet.

Pace of Life

六月 2, 2008

A study shows that “the pace of life is now 10% faster than in the early 1990s. The biggest changes were found in the Far East, with the pace of life in Guangzhou (China) increasing by over 20%, and Singapore showing a 30% increase, resulting in it becoming the fastest moving city in the study."

Visit Pace of Life to see how fast your city is and find out if you are living life in the fast lane by completing the short quiz here. How well does the result tell about your pace of life? Do you need to slow down your pace a little bit? How?

More about Gestures

六月 2, 2008

Pair up with a classmate and learn at least 3 gestures together. Put down information about these gestures and share them with your classmates later.

Reference: http://

Indiana Jones 4 trailer

六月 2, 2008

Are you a movie buff? Have you seen previous Indiana movies? Many Indy fans who have high expectations for this sequel feel disapointed—they don’t think it meets up with the high standards set by its predecessors. What do you think?


Known Plot Thus Far: In 1957, Indiana Jones is thrust back in action, venturing into the jungles of South America in a race against Soviet agents to find the mystical Crystal Skull.

When last we saw Indy, he was riding off into the sunset in 1989’s The Last Crusade, set in 1938 near the start of World War II. The new movie is set at the height of the Cold War in 1957, so the character has aged in real time — 19 years.

“He’s teaching and having kind of a quiet life," the producer says. Once the archaeologist is thrust back into danger, the signature Indiana Jones red line tracing across the map will take him to New Mexico, Connecticut, Mexico City and the jungles of Peru.

About Leonardo da Vinci

二月 19, 2008

Dear students,

Leonardo da Vinci is considered to have been a genius at many things. Visit Exploring Leonardo and you’ll be amazed at the artist’s talents. Click on Leonardo’s Mysterious Machinery and guess what the machines invented by da Vinci are. You can even try Leonardo’s signature “Mirror Writing" yourself! Have you wondered what it would be like to see through Leonardo’s eyes? Try the technique of linear perspective yourself!Go visit the section “What, Where, and When?" and you’ll know more about the genius’ life by clicking on the different cities Leonardo lived in during his lifetime (and find answers to questions in your worksheet). Decide on one of the three possiblities that explaine why Leonardo wrote from right to left and tell your classmate later. Enjoy the journey of exploring Leonardo!

Gang robs Zurich of top paintings

二月 19, 2008


Dear students,

In Lesson 1, we’ll learn about the great artist Leonardo da Vinci and his world-famous work— the Mona Lisa. Recently, an armed gang stole four paintings worth some $160m by Cezanne, Degas, Van Gogh and Monet from a museum in Zurich. Read the new “Gang Robs Zurich of Top Paintings" in BBC and give your comments. Or you can adopt the point of view of the police spokesperson, the detective in charge, or an art lover and talk to the press, the theives, or your fellow art lover.