Welcome back to school!

Dear Class 207,

Welcome back to school! How have you been? What did you do for fun last week? Have you started doing your assignments for winter vacation? If not, it’s still not too late!  Try your best to catch up so that you can have a more relaxing and carefree Chinese New Year!

The aims of this winter course are as follows:

1. Each of you will build your own English blog at wordpress.com so that you can keep a record of what you have written and will write in English class and share with your peers and learn from them.

2. There will be steps for you to follow to enrich the content of your blog, including writing your own personal profile, uploading your pictures, buliding links, etc.

3. In order to help you become a more critical thinker, you’ll be assigned news articles to read. After reading, you’ll be asked to interpret, analyze, or assess credibility of the news or infer the consequences of data or events, which are crucial techniques for a critical thinker to approach a piece of information.

Sounds hard? Well, it isn’t any easier for me. In fact, you might be a much more experienced blogger than me! Let’s try and learn together.

Click winterchecklist1.doc for a checklist of what we are going to do next week.






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