Critical Thinking & Summary Writing


Critical Thinking Part I

Dear students,

Have you met people who act on impuse, making decisions based on hearsay or prejudices? Such people are not likely to be very good leaders. A successful leader gathers information, then carefully analyzes, interprets and understands it before acting. This process is called critcal thinking. Critical thinking is about how you approach problems, questions and issues

Critcal thinkers are able to consider information in different ways. First of all, they can Interpret: “they are able to translate the meaning of experiences, situations, data, and judgements. For example, they can paraphrase someone else’s ideas into tehier own words, recognize how someone is feeling from the look of their face or clarify the meaning of a graph or chart." (adapted from Competent Leadership, Toastmasters International)

The exercise for Interpretation is to choose a chapter from your winter reader High Life, Low Life and write a 100-word summary of the chapter. Make sure that you include the most important plots and introduce the character, with a clause or noun phrase, when he/she first appears in the story. Also, keep the tense consistent throughout your summary.



11 Responses to Critical Thinking & Summary Writing

  1. Yaching (Lily) 說道:

    Summary of chapterⅡ:summer in the city

    After the emergency on the street, Nat Marley’s brave behavior was put on the Daily News. And then, lots of strange things occurred. Strangely, all of them were in connection with an old lady’s letter, which Nat received!

    Nat and his personal assistant, Stella visited the old lady, Mrs. Joanna Whittaker, who wrote the letter. She lived in an expensive apartment. They then felt weird when seeing Martha, Mrs. Whittaker’s maid, who didn’t seem friendly. Mrs. Whittaker wanted Nat to provide a special service for her—to find her a lawyer. But she seemed a little muddled when she called Nat “Tom," his late husband’s name by mistake!

  2. William says 說道:

    Chapter 8 A Death in the Family
    Mrs. Whittaker was found dead. After Nat got the message from Martha, he and Stella went to Mrs.Whittaker’s apartment. When they went into the apartment, they saw Martha, and she was smiling!They went to see Mrs.Whittaker and asked Martha what had happened. Nat found a bottle of pills on the bedside table. Everythings seemed normal. Jack asked Martha, “Have you ever moved everything . Martha said “No." Nat called the doctor. The doctor did an examination to establish how Mrs.Whittaker died. The doctor thought that Mrs.Whittaker died a natural death.

  3. Donny 說道:

    Summary of chapter13: Rain

    Oldenberg , the detective with the New York Police Department, called on Nat at his office and asked if he could help arrange a meeting with Jackie. They needed Jackie to provide evidence to put Wiseman in jail. Equally,they would give Jakie a clean record in return for his testament against Wiseman.

    (When he workmen came to Nat’s office to place the air conditioner, Charlie called to tell that Martha would be charged with theft instead of murder because the autopsy result could not prove that Mrs. Whittaker did not die of her heart problem.)

    Jackie inherited a box from his mom. And in the box were two letters—one from his mom and the other from his father—and some stock certificates, which were worth a fortune. Tracing the clues, Nat found that Jackie’s father was Tom Whittaker and he had a half-brother and a half-sister. Jackie decided to take Oldenberg’s offer and asked Nat to arrange a meeting with his new family.

  4. elaine168 說道:

    Billy Paul
    Summary of Chapter 9 The lost son found

    Charlie Whittaker knew his mom was died dead,and Nat Marley told him he suspected the thing her death was associated to with Martha. (Oldenberg phoned Nat and told him Wiseman was under arrest because of the stolen stuff found in his cab company Nat went to Police Headquarter, and from Wiseman, he got the information that Jackie was trying to escape from his criminal past and led a normal life.) and Nat’s partner Pretending to be Jackie’s ex-girlfriend, Stella, called cab companies and finally found a clue about Jackie, so Nat and Joe went to the place where Jackie worked. They found him but failed to stop him from running away. Nat asked Oldenberg for the addrees of Jackie.

  5. Alice 說道:

    Chapter 4 Beneath the City Streets
    Nat Marley wanted to get some information about the Whittakers, so he went to Mcfadden’s Bar to meet Ed Winchester, a former crime reporter at the Daily News. The next day, Annie asked Nat to go with Leona, who would show him something he had never seen. Leona took Nat to an old building which looked empty. The door opened as soon as she knocked, and a big man welcomed her but gave me a cold stare. leona explained and took me down some steps below the streets. which led to an underground city. There, Leona gave Nat a metal box that belonged to Annie and took him back up to the street.

    Back at the hospital, Annie unlocked the box and showed Nat the photograph of a cheerful teenager boy. She told Nat story about the boy and asked me to find him back.((還沒打完= =”)) his son, Jackie Robinson Clayton, who she hadn’t seen for 20 years. She asked Jack to find him for her before she died. To help him with the seach, she provided information about Jackie’s physical features, including a tattoo of the American eagle on his left arm. She also told Nat that Jackie had been in jail for stealing and once worked as a cab driver.

  6. Elaine 說道:

    Chapter 5 Inside information

    Nat went to Mcfadden’s Bar for lunch, and Ed was at the same place, too. He found some information about Tom Whittaker, who is similar to Nat in appearance. Nat wanted the information and Ed wished Nat bought him drinks, so they made a deal. Ed told him about Tom’s career commerce in the airline business and family. After talking to Ed, Nat walked back to East 43rd Street and told Stella what he heard. Then, he went to Century Apartment, the place where Mrs. Whittaker lived, and try to get some info. from the doorman Bob, about her. Under the bribe of money, Bob finally agreed to answer Nat’s questions. After the conversation, Nat also (knew even Mrs. Whittaker’s son and daugher seldom paid her a visit) and he drew a conclusion: “So Mrs. Whittaker saw nobody except for Martha, I thought. Not a healthy way of life."

  7. elaine168 說道:

    Chapter 3 The will
    Mrs. Whittaker asked Nat to find a lawyer for her in order to do deal with her will. Nat and Stella thought that there were some strange things about Mrs. Whittaker. However, Nat and Stella’s job was finding to find a good lawyer that Mrs. Whittaker can could trust as soon as possible. They called asked Wilma Patterson to go to the apartment with them. In the house apartment, Martha seemed unhappy about their coming. After Mrs. Whittaker and Wilma had a long talk, Wilma told Nat that Mrs. Whittaker decided to give him everything because he reminded her of her late husband. Nat didn’t want to be in the middle of a family war, but Wilma had to follow the client’s instructions. Before they left the apartment, Mrs. Whittaker gave both Wilma and Nat (a book in memory of her late husband as a present) and a big fat envelope (with a lot of money in it). Nat told Wilma to get the family talking and get Mrs. Whittaker to change her will.

  8. elaine168 說道:

    Chapter 11 Martha Bianchi

    Nat brought Jackie to the hospital and saw to see her mom Annie. He Jackie explained that he went back to the Bronx, where they lived when Jackie was in his childhood. After Nat finished the mission which Annie gave him, he have had to face the Joanna’s murder. the mysterious death of Mrs. (Joanna)Whittaker. The servant of Mrs. Joanna Whittaker, Martha, was a prime suspect of the murder, but she escaped. She left a mess all where over, except her room. She left her sentence on her mirror, ”Gone to play ball,, and lots of detective books. They found some words are were similar with to the sentence she left. And Nat guess Martha is was in a casino in Atlantic City, but he think thought over and over-there must have some problem if Martha must have left the words and to mislead the private eye or the police.

  9. elaine168 說道:

    Chapter One
    Summer in the city

    While Nat Marley, ex-police turned private investigator, was on his way to his office, he met Annie, a homeless woman who he had known since he worked as a patrolman with the NYPD. He noticed there was something wrong with Annie, and offered to treat Annie to breakfast. When they were making their way to the restaurant, Annie had a heart attack and passed out. Nat did first aid on her immediately and had her sent to the hospital. A reporter interviewed Nat for a story to put in the Daily news.

    When Nat arrived at his office, Stella Delgado, Nat’s assistant, complained about the heat and asked for air conditioning in the office. After Nat told her about what had happened, Stalla suggested a visit to Annie in the emergency room.

    The doctor was negative about Annie’s condition. Knowing that she was dying, Annie asked Nat to find her a lawyer to help her make a will. At her request, Nat phoned Martha Patterson, a family lawyer and asked her for help.

  10. K‧Daniel 說道:

    Chapter Six East Village

    Nat Marley was finding looking for a missing person-Annie’s son, Jackie Robinson Clayton, who may might be working as a cab driver now. He is being had been in trouble before. Nat found a cab driver on Canal Street in Chinatown who’d heard of Jackie, so he started looking for Jackie on Avenues A, B and C, and when he got to Vazac’s Bar on Avenue B. The bartender told Nat that Jackie works used to work for Wiseman Cabs on Avenue A. So Nat went to there and asked about Jackie, but Mr. Wiseman wasn’t didn’t welcome him. Afterwards Nat detached Joe to check into something the suspicious business about Wiseman Cabs.
    And it is doubtful that Charlie Whittaker’s agreed to try and to set up a family meeting, but his mom refused to talk to him over the phone.

  11. Steph 說道:

    Chapter 7
    Joe was watching Wiseman Cabs all afternoon. He found out that many people go went in and out of the office.Cab drivers going went in with a suitcase but came out with the other another one. Nat told Annie that they are were getting closer to make Annie hold on. Stella came up with a good idea – she‘ll would phone every cab company and say said that she is was Jackie’s ex-girlfriend wanting to see him again.
    Ed found a piece of news"Weissmann and Clayton Not Guilty. " According to the report, Weissmann and Jackie were suspected of buying and selling stolen property five years ago. Nat told Oldenberg that Weissmann is was doing the same kind of work business again.
    Stella persuaded nat to buy an air-conditioner.


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