News from BBC: Compulsory cooking classes


Dear all,

Thanks to Drew and Annka, we had two cooking sessions, in which we learned to make pumpkin cookies and Xmas cookies respectively. Did you enjoy the baking experiences as I did. Read (and/or listen to) the news about Compulsory Cooking Classes in the UK . (You may want to do the quizzes to check whether you understand the report.) Please tell me why it is important to make cooking classes compulsory in the UK. Do you think boys should learn cooking as well? Why?  Can you think of other reasons why students should (or should not) have cooking classes? Please give your opinions.


13 Responses to News from BBC: Compulsory cooking classes

  1. Vincent 說道:

    I think the minister is right. Students in the UK should eat heathy food. Making cooking classes compulsory is a perfect decision. The thing students make is healthier than what is bought outside, because they know the ingredients of it, and they can put less sauce in the dish. But they might still need a friend to taste it to see if their food is too oily, too salty or too sweet. They can also learn from their teachers’ comments and improve their cooking skills.

    The reason why teachers in England want to have cooking classes is that the students are too fat. But most students in Taiwan don’t have this problem. Maybe the most important reason is that fast food restaurants are not that popular in Taiwan. But I think it is ok if we have cooking classes. If we get lost in a remote area, we can use our cooking skills for survival!


  2. ts01397747 說道:

    Well , that is a serious issue. Now, fewer and fewer students can cook. Those who don’t konw how to cook never know the gladness after making tasty food. So I think Ed Balls is right. Students should learn practical cooking skills.

  3. u5350056 說道:

    Eating a healthy diet is very important. If we do not know how to cook healthy food, we could become thinner or fatter. Cooking classes can let us know how to cook delicious and healthy food. We can Not only live by ourselves but also keep in good shape.

  4. Donny 說道:

    Well..To speak frankly , I don’t think that this action will slow down the rising rate of
    obesity. My point is that “knowing how to make healthy food doesn’t means that you will eat healthier". “Obesity" is now a symble of Eastern countries. As you see, fast food is obviously parts of their cultures. All of them know that bad eating habits will eventually lead to physical problems. But they just can’t live without it!!

  5. anita921921 說道:

    I think boys should learn cooking, too. My reasons are as follows:
    First, the age when"men work the field, while women cook at home" has passed.
    Cooking should not only be women’s responsibility. Second, everyone has the right to learning cooking, including boys. Not only girls but boys have the ability to cook! Many chefs are men, aren’t they?
    Last, people who cook by themselves pay more attention to nutrition of food and therefore tend to have a more balanced diet.
    So I think everyone should learn cooking.

  6. garuru0927 說道:

    Teaching students how to make healthy food is good, but I think after they’ve known learn how to cook, they can cook ANYTHING!!! It’s horrible if they can eat whatever they can make! So shange changing eating habits is the basic way to help the students get fit.

  7. K‧Daniel 說道:

    I enjoyed making pumpkin cookies and Xmas cookies with Drew and Annka. It was delicious and baking was fun, so I think that it is important to have cooking classes.
    In a modernized society,people are getting fatter and fatter. We should not eat junk food but healthy food. Both boys and girls should learn cooking so that we can live healthily.

  8. william says 說道:

    After reading this article, I think most teenagers need to learn how to cook . Cooking by ourselves has many advantages:
    1. Most of the food outside is not healthy.
    2. Cooking by ourselves can save much money.
    3. Food cooked by ourselves can be healthier.
    So learning to cook is important.

  9. Stephanie 說道:

    Cooking is a interesting thing. Actually, I, who am a girl, don’t know how to cook. If I have a family in the future, I wouldn’t like my husband staring at the TV when I am doing all the cooking. I don’t care so much about eating heathily. I just want to keep away from the things that I have an allergy towards. Eating is my “hobby". So I will eat the food I like without caring about anything and just be happy.

  10. fatty207 說道:

    I think that it is good for students. Nowadays, students don’t have the ability to survive. Learning cooking is good, especially for boys. My mom always says “You are a lazy boy. What can you do besides eating?" Yes, I’m so sad pathetic. So I think it is importantfor students to learn cooking, especially boys.

  11. leoo88556 說道:

    I don’t know if I would agree with the cooking classes, especially when it is a compulsory subject. I might be flunked in that kind of lessons, you know. In fact, I like cooking very much. The food I make might not be delicious, but it will definitely taste “good" to me. I think it is a good way to learn consideration, cooperation , gender differences, wonderful cooking skills and the safety way to lose weight, of course. But I think if they pay more respect to the students’ decision about whether to join the class or not, it would be much meaningful. 20713 Leo Lin

  12. yaching 說道:

    Cooking is a very important skill if we want to have a comfortable life. If we don’t know how to cook and therefore we have to buy the food outside, the life will be inconvenient and in poor health.
    Most people don’t consider cooking a very important skill because they can buy anything they want to eat on the street. It causes the increasing of obesity rate these years. Even the ancients can cook without a supermarket that provides everything you need, so don’t you think it is a little shamed if a civilized person doesn’t know how to cook?
    I think this compulsory education in the UK is necessary if their government doesn’t want all of the masses in UK become fat and ill. Weather boys or not, I think they should know how to cook even just a simple food in this class because they don’t know if they will find a good girl who will cook for him. Worst of all, maybe both of them don’t know how to cook! Learning cooking in school is more propriety than in a society. And the obesity rate can be controlled if people eat healthful when they still in a good figure.

  13. BIll 說道:

    Athough I don’t know how to cook, but I think cooking will be an interesting thing.I think I will feel a sense of achevement when I cook something I can eat, and eat it happily. Cooking can be a lot of fun, too. When you cook something by yourself,you don’t have to worry about others.You can make a dish you dream of.You can mix many things together, making rainbow-like dishes or whatever else you think of. I think learning more about cooking will make these dishes not so gross.


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