Chinese Ice Sculptures Melting

_44343187_harbin_ap203i.jpgDear students,

Have you ever been to any ice festival featuring fascinating ice sculptures? If you did, you must have felt enchanted by the man-made wonders. Harbin, a Chinese city renowned for its ice festival has now become another victim of global warming. Please read the  report on Harbin Festival and tell what has happened to those sculptures. Can you think of any other damage global warming has done to the earth? What can we do to help?


7 Responses to Chinese Ice Sculptures Melting

  1. abcd123514 說道:

    Harbin Festival is the most romantic festival that I’ve ever seen.
    In addition to Harbin Festival,the coral reef is a victim of global warming, too.
    According to scientists’ research,the coral reef in Australia will become extinct in 2050.
    About 300 species of coral reefs on earth will face extinction.
    If we want to protect coral reefs, we need to reduce water pollution, and other man-made destructions.
    To establish nature reserves is a good way , too.
    Remenber— we have only one earth.
    If we don’t restrain our use of natural resources, we’ll regret.

  2. K‧Daniel 說道:

    The temperature on the earth is getting higher and higher, so the ice sculptures in Harbin are starting to melt much earlier than usual.
    We should introspect ourself ourselves. What have we done to the earth? Disservice? All of us live on the same earth, so we should protect it! And what can we do?
    1. Comform to Practice 4Rs(Reduction,Regeneration,Reuse,Recycling)
    2.Take demotic conveyance public transportation.

  3. yaching 說道:

    The global warming sure infect has affected the world in recent decades, we can saw many cases that show the consequences of what people have done to the global globe. Because of the higher temperature, the cherry blossoms in Japan bloomed more early earlier. The plants and animals in many places are also victims of the climate change.

    If you don’t think these indications are serious, then you are really innocent! The island Tuvalu in the Pacific Ocean is now gradually submersed. Maybe there will be not be enough land for people to live on someday, and maybe we will have to live on the ocean some decades later.

  4. Donny 說道:

    The climate change affects not only environment but also the economic activity.
    I’ve once been to an ice sculpture carnival when visiting Japan (or Northen China, I can’t remenber…) . It is a pity that this activity is now dying off. The development of industrial industrial development has resulted in globle warming. It will definatly influence all human beings. If we don’t take the issue personaly seriously, we might regret when it’s too late.

  5. lion20080129 說道:

    Hi I’m Leon that’s my comment
    The global warming is mentioned for many years, a lot of countries endorsement Kyoto Protocol.
    Harbin has held the ice festival for many years, but now they face a big trouble, “The globle warming". The climate warmer and warmer, so the festival finished earlier and earlier, their income is becoming few. I think: " We need to save energe, protect our environment,so that the world will be better tomorrow!".

  6. anita921921 說道:

    The Greenhouse effect results in global warming, which caused ice caps and glaciers to melt.

    It has also endangered the existence of many animals, that of the polar bear and the penguin.

    To slow down the Greenhouse effect, we should reduce the production of greenhouse gas. The following are things we can do to help:
    First, refuse to use the products that have the ingredient—CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons).
    Then, take the public transit instead of driving by ourself ourselves.

    Last, grow more plants and stop deforestation.

  7. shamus0309 說道:

    The weather of the world was very strange. It snowed heavily in China. People couldn’t use electricity and the traffic was bad!

    I think the reason of the strange weather is global warming. The main greenhouse gas is CO2, so we have to reduce the porduction of it. Here are the tips:
    First, walk, riding bikes or take public transit more often.
    Then, save more electricity as much as you can.
    Last, plant more trees to reduce CO2.

    Do it NOW to help our Earth!


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