A Falling Star—Heath Ledger


Heath Ledger, who earned an Oscar nomination for his role as a gay cowboy in Ang Lee’s “Brokeback Mountain," died of a possible overdose of sleeping pills. I am saddened by his death because he’s one of my favorite actors. Ang Lee  described Ledger’s performance as a “miracle" of acting, echoing a young Marlon Brando. Ledger is said to have suffered from insomnia. A few weeks before his death, he told the NY Times that he was so troubled from playing the Joker that he was only sleeping two hours a night. Have you seen any of Ledger’s movies? How do you like his performance? Do you think entertainers are under more pressure than other people? If you were Ang Lee, what would you say about Ledger’s death? Please read the news entitled Heath Ledger is found dead in US  and give your comments.


5 Responses to A Falling Star—Heath Ledger

  1. garuru0927 說道:

    I don’t know Heath Ledger much. I only know he acted in “Brokeback Mountain." He peformed very well.I think entertainers have more pressure than others.Because they have to be always happy in front of others. If I were Ang Lee, I would say, “It’s a pity!"

  2. K‧Daniel 說道:

    To tell the truth. I don’t know Heath Ledger,and I haven’t see the movie"Brokeback Mountain", either.The news of his death is a shock to me.
    Yes. I think that entertainers may have more pressure than other. They looks always delighted in surface, in fact, they are ususally chopfallen in their heart of hearts.So if I were Ang Lee, I would say" rest peacefully!"

  3. ts01397747 說道:

    It’s a pity Heath Ledger is dead.
    I only know that he was a leading man in Brokeback Mountain .
    When I heard this bad news , I was a little sad.
    I thought that when Ang Lee heard that news ,he might be sad too!

  4. Vincent 說道:

    Although our health education teacher played “Brokeback Mountain”, which is starred by Heath Ledger, and discuss the issue between gay of homosexuality, I don’t have he didn’t leave a tremendous impression on me. But after reading this news about him, I recalled my memory his performance and the story. According to the article on BBC, Heath is was considerate to of others. Only a A 28year-old-man could have an influence on so many people cause of his great-skilled acting on in the movie. But his death actually indeed makes his fans disappointed because that they can’t see him on in the theater anymore and Hollywood also lost an actor of great potential.

  5. shamus0309 說道:

    I think entertainers have no privacy because they are public people. Photographers always follow them and media report many scandals on TV or magazines. Do they think of their feelings?



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