Describe a picture in 50 words

Dear students,

Please post a picture to your blog and write to describe or tell a story about that picture. (You can choose from the pictures here in this blog.) Try to include answers to the 5-WH questions (who, when, why, what, where) in your description. The following is an example:


The giant rock in the picture is called Krishna’s Butterball, located in Mamallapuram, south India. Perching on a hillside, the rock provides welcome shade— if you dare to stand or sit underneath it! See that ant-like woman in a black shirt? That’s me. Originally I posed with two arms held up against the rock, pretending to be strong. Vincent, our principal, suggested that I use a finger instead, which would make me look like a Hercules or Superwoman. I did! But before the picture was taken, three more people came into the scene! What a shame! 



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