Summary Assignment

Dear all,

The summary assignment takers are as follows: Chapter 2—Lilly, C 3—Cherry, C4—Alice, C5—Ruby, C6—Daniel, C7—Stephanie, C8—William, C9—Billy Paul, C10—Shamus, C11—Vincent, C12—?, C13—Donny, C14—Donney. Lilly and William have already finish their parts. Good job. But there is an inconsistency between their works: William wrote her summary using the first-person point of view, and Lilly told the story from the third-person limited (, that is, from Nat’s point of view, using he when referring to Nat). Please adopt the third-person limited so that the narration can be consistent from beginning to end.

I’m looking forward to receiving your work soon.



One Response to Summary Assignment

  1. vincent 說道:

    I’ve done it yesterday, but you haven’t correct my compositions yet.


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