Please give feedback on the winter course

Dear class,

I would like to know what you think about our winter  English course. What have your learned from it? What are the difficulties you have experienced? Which part(s) (blogging, news & comments, picture/film description, giving comments on your classmates’ blogs/ online tests) do you like? Why? Is there anything we can do to make the course better? Are the news articles too difficult? Please give me feedback on the course so that we can make our English class more interesting and you’ll benefit more from it!

By the way, don’t mind the grammar, and even feedback in Chinese is fine. Both positive and negative comments are welcome!


4 Responses to Please give feedback on the winter course

  1. Eric 說道:

    Hi Elaine,

    I sent a reply to your letter but it was undeliverable. Maybe
    your mailbox is full. I’ll try sending it later. Hope your class
    went well and you’re having a good break.

    Talk to you later.


  2. elaine168 說道:

    Alice says,
    At first, I think going to school attending class on winter vacation for a week is tiresome and boring! “Why do I need to get up so early and spent a lot of time going a far distance to school while my families are still having a good sleep? Why can’t I have a little more rest during my precious (the last) holiday?” I complained myself.

    But I change my mind when I found out we’re going to make a blog in English and we can make comments on news or others blogs, “That would be fun!” I think.

    It’s fresh and new for me since this is the first time I have a blog. All the assignments, blogging, news & comments, picture/film description, giving comments on your classmates’ blogs, online tests…, seemed intersting to me!

    I think if I can follow teacher’s schedule and hand all homeworks on time, our ability of English writing would improve fast for sure.

  3. elaine168 說道:

    Donny says,
    Tired of typing in English, so the following part will be in Chinese.

    我覺得這次的寒期輔導還不錯,從來沒寫過這麼多英文的文章,感覺上蠻有進步的。不過下一次的暑假大家都必須開始看書了,都會有各自的進度,搞不好還要重修什麼的。所以我也不太建議再辦一次。因為我從來沒寫過英文作文,所以不太知道從何下手。又有些害怕只剩一年,作文不知道能不能pick up起來。所以說老師這學期是不是可以幫我們找一本寫作文的書,然後每週規定作業。因為我覺得如果全班一起寫的話就比較不會有惰性。

  4. shamus0309 說道:



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