Things to complete before the new semester begins

Dear class,

Some of you have gone all out for the building of your blog and have accomplished a lot. If you are one of them, I bet you’ve learned as much as I have. However, some are far behind the schedule. Please make sure you complete the following before Feb. 12:

1. Write at least 3 writing assignments.

2. Coment on at least three pieces of news.

3. Do the online test on High Life, Low Life at IWill.

4. Please give feedback on the winter course.

5. Change the “language" of your blog to English!

The above will account for part of your grades next semester.

If you have done all the assignments, you can relax and enjoy your Chinese New Year. Congratulations, then! If not, keep working! You won’t be alone though—I’ll be checking your progress! 



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