Cherish our water and food resources

Cherish Our Food & Water

This powerpoit file has been shared a lot via email. It’s sad to see people starving and dying because of food/ water shortage. Compared to those who are suffering, aren’ we far luckier. What can we do to help?


One Response to Cherish our water and food resources

  1. elaine168 說道:

    Here are two comments from you:

    207 Ruby
    I feel that we are very fortunate and we need to appreciate what we have and we shouldn’t take everything for granted! After watching the video, I was sad for the children in Africa. I hope one day everyone can live a happy life, without worries about food and shelters.

    207 Vincent:
    People in Taipei generally live in prosperity; on the contrast, in Africa, people there still have a bad living condition. So we should cherish the things we own instead of taking them for granted. maybe that’s the thing we can do so far.


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