Film about the MSF

This video offers a complete overview of the activities, philosophy and structure of the internatioal hamanitarian organization Doctors without Borders / Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF). Listen Carefully and fill in the blanks with the infromation provided in the 10-minute video. Tell the inspiration you derive from MSF’s work and what can you do to help change the world for the better? View msf-script for the worksheet.


One Response to Film about the MSF

  1. elaine168 說道:

    Here are some of the comments from you:

    201 A-SU
    After watching the film of MSF, it makes me think of te organization called Tsi Ji. They go all over the world to help people suffering from disasters. I impressed me so much that I want to be one of them. Their selfless action did relieve victims pain. I hope, with their work, our world will become more amd more peaceful.

    207 Cherry:
    This year I went to National Taiwan University Hospital to be a volunteer. The nurse in the unit I worked with took me to the emergency room. To my surprise, the atmosphere in the room wasn’t as sad as I thought. After that day, I knew that being a nurse is not only the thing I want to do, but the thing I should do.

    201 Wan Shuan:
    Since I heard of MSF, I have started to think about what I have now. I’ve reached a conclusion, that is, how rich I am! different from those refugees, I never have to starve. I am even picky about food and never eat what I don’t like to eat. I want to make a change. I decide that I will cherish all I have now and help more people to treasure what they have. Most importantly, I do my best to help those needy people.

    207 Shamus:
    I feel touched after I saw this film about MSF. In Taiwan, there’s a wolunteer called Lian, who works in West africa to help people. I hope this film can inpire students to be a volunteer and help needy people.

    207 Lily:
    When watching this video, I think about lots of things, like “Can I do the jobs like them?" “Can I help them or love them like what the volunteers do?" There are too many dying people waiting for us to help them. And maybe I can donate some money to help MSF do their work.

    201 Demi:
    When I was a child, my mom always hoped me to become a doctor, so that I could save people’s lives. After watching the film. I realize only wjen we have power or wealth, we can help more people. So, I’ll work hard and cherish what I have now.

    207 Henry:
    I think MSF really does a geat job. They not only help those in disasters but also motivate the young to help others. I’ve learned to cherish things I’ve already had. I can donate some money so as to help MSF to help others.


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