About Leonardo da Vinci

二月 19, 2008

Dear students,

Leonardo da Vinci is considered to have been a genius at many things. Visit Exploring Leonardo and you’ll be amazed at the artist’s talents. Click on Leonardo’s Mysterious Machinery and guess what the machines invented by da Vinci are. You can even try Leonardo’s signature “Mirror Writing" yourself! Have you wondered what it would be like to see through Leonardo’s eyes? Try the technique of linear perspective yourself!Go visit the section “What, Where, and When?" and you’ll know more about the genius’ life by clicking on the different cities Leonardo lived in during his lifetime (and find answers to questions in your worksheet). Decide on one of the three possiblities that explaine why Leonardo wrote from right to left and tell your classmate later. Enjoy the journey of exploring Leonardo!


Red Envelopes

二月 11, 2008

Dear all,

How was your winter vacation? Are you prepared for the new semester and the review exams on the first day of school? I checked the girls’ blogs and was surprised/glad to find that Stephanie, Alice and Donny continued blogging, even during Chinese New Year! Read Donny’s fun-filled picture description and you’ll find “whodunnit." Alice posted an article entitled “Red Envelopes" from the Studio Classroom and told about things she and her family did on Chinese New Year’s Eve. Read Alice’s recent post to know the details of her fun activities that day and give her some feedback. Tell me what you did during the vacation and/or how you are going to spend/invest your hong bao (or lucky money)?

pict0139.jpgFor millions of youngsters, the highlight of celebrating Lunar New Year comes when their parents give them a red envelope, or hong bao. The color red symbolizes good fortune, and the Chinese characters adorning the envelope wish the children such things as prosperity,good luck and health.

Good wishes aside, the kids really get excited about the money that’s stuffed inside. Young people remain eligible to receive red envelopes until they begin working or get married, at which point they become red envelope givers. (Studio clasroom)

Please give feedback on the winter course

二月 1, 2008

Dear class,

I would like to know what you think about our winter  English course. What have your learned from it? What are the difficulties you have experienced? Which part(s) (blogging, news & comments, picture/film description, giving comments on your classmates’ blogs/ online tests) do you like? Why? Is there anything we can do to make the course better? Are the news articles too difficult? Please give me feedback on the course so that we can make our English class more interesting and you’ll benefit more from it!

By the way, don’t mind the grammar, and even feedback in Chinese is fine. Both positive and negative comments are welcome!


二月 1, 2008

Dear students,

Today we are going to learn another Web 2.o tool— bloglines. With the help of it, you can subscribe to almost anything you want on the Internet, which means you don’t have to visit your “favorites" and new materials on those websites will go directly to your bloglines. Sounds intriguing, right? Let’s explore it together.

Things to complete before the new semester begins

二月 1, 2008

Dear class,

Some of you have gone all out for the building of your blog and have accomplished a lot. If you are one of them, I bet you’ve learned as much as I have. However, some are far behind the schedule. Please make sure you complete the following before Feb. 12:

1. Write at least 3 writing assignments.

2. Coment on at least three pieces of news.

3. Do the online test on High Life, Low Life at IWill.

4. Please give feedback on the winter course.

5. Change the “language" of your blog to English!

The above will account for part of your grades next semester.

If you have done all the assignments, you can relax and enjoy your Chinese New Year. Congratulations, then! If not, keep working! You won’t be alone though—I’ll be checking your progress! 

About iEarn Learning Circle

一月 31, 2008

Dear class:

Next semester, we’ll join the iEARN Learning Circle and work with students from 6-8 countries on the Places and Perspectives project. I believe you and I will both benefit a lot from the project. For you, working in a collaborative setting with peers around the world will give you a wider perspectives on issues and a greater understanding of similarities and differences. The work with others can be a powerful mirror that will help you see who you are, where you live, and who you live with in new way. The letter from iEARN (letter-for-secondary-students.doc) will give you a general idea of the project. The first thing we are going to do is to complete the Class Survey Form (the-classroom-survey.doc). Volunteers?

Review the reader with the summaries by your peers

一月 30, 2008

Dear all,

Most of the assignment takers have handed in their summaries. Their works will be of great help when you review the content of the winter reader and get prepared for the exam. Check the comments attached to the post entitled “High Life, Low Life" on Jan. 27.