More about Gestures

六月 2, 2008

Pair up with a classmate and learn at least 3 gestures together. Put down information about these gestures and share them with your classmates later.

Reference: http://


About Leonardo da Vinci

二月 19, 2008

Dear students,

Leonardo da Vinci is considered to have been a genius at many things. Visit Exploring Leonardo and you’ll be amazed at the artist’s talents. Click on Leonardo’s Mysterious Machinery and guess what the machines invented by da Vinci are. You can even try Leonardo’s signature “Mirror Writing" yourself! Have you wondered what it would be like to see through Leonardo’s eyes? Try the technique of linear perspective yourself!Go visit the section “What, Where, and When?" and you’ll know more about the genius’ life by clicking on the different cities Leonardo lived in during his lifetime (and find answers to questions in your worksheet). Decide on one of the three possiblities that explaine why Leonardo wrote from right to left and tell your classmate later. Enjoy the journey of exploring Leonardo!

Making Pumpkin Cookies

十月 17, 2007


On Oct. 16, thanks to Drew’s enthusiastic help and kind offer of his home recipe, Class 201, 207, and 208 baked yummy pumpin cookies at the Demestic Science classroom/kitchen. It’s the first time we had English class in the DS classroom (Not much English was used though), and it was great fun!