Make your goal with the help of 43things

一月 30, 2008

To share more about yourself, you can add a categories called “MY PORTFOLIO" to your side bar, which includes your self-introduction, your hobbies, your specialties, and your goals, etc. You can make use of a social networking website, 43things to compile your goals. Here is how it works: First, apply for an account at 43things; second, write an entry; third, post it back to your blog. Your goal will then show both at 43things and in your blog. You’ll find people with the same goal(s) with you and you can give “cheers" to encourage each other to stick to your goals. We all need encouragement or even “peer pressure" to keep us moving forward, right? Please do give it a try!


Example of 43things: Learn to count my blessings

一月 30, 2008
I used to be a hopeless pessimist and I was always worrying that the worst would happen. Since I became a Christian, I’ve been more positive than before. But “old habits die hard.” Negative thoughts still flash into mind from time to time. So, to get myself into the habbit of thinking positively, I’ll start to count my blessings by recording at least one thing that makes me happy every day and publish those happy moments in my blog each month. Wish me luck!Elaine

Summary Assignment

一月 30, 2008

Dear all,

The summary assignment takers are as follows: Chapter 2—Lilly, C 3—Cherry, C4—Alice, C5—Ruby, C6—Daniel, C7—Stephanie, C8—William, C9—Billy Paul, C10—Shamus, C11—Vincent, C12—?, C13—Donny, C14—Donney. Lilly and William have already finish their parts. Good job. But there is an inconsistency between their works: William wrote her summary using the first-person point of view, and Lilly told the story from the third-person limited (, that is, from Nat’s point of view, using he when referring to Nat). Please adopt the third-person limited so that the narration can be consistent from beginning to end.

I’m looking forward to receiving your work soon.


Introduce a book

一月 30, 2008

Can you imagine how astonished people were when something we take for granted now was first introduced to them. This film from youtube shows how shocked and confused the monk is when his colleague demonstrates how a book, an “invention" he has never seen before, “works." Enjoy the sense of humor this film contains!

Describe a picture in 50 words

一月 29, 2008

Dear students,

Please post a picture to your blog and write to describe or tell a story about that picture. (You can choose from the pictures here in this blog.) Try to include answers to the 5-WH questions (who, when, why, what, where) in your description. The following is an example:


The giant rock in the picture is called Krishna’s Butterball, located in Mamallapuram, south India. Perching on a hillside, the rock provides welcome shade— if you dare to stand or sit underneath it! See that ant-like woman in a black shirt? That’s me. Originally I posed with two arms held up against the rock, pretending to be strong. Vincent, our principal, suggested that I use a finger instead, which would make me look like a Hercules or Superwoman. I did! But before the picture was taken, three more people came into the scene! What a shame! 

Works that are worthy of praise

一月 28, 2008

Dear class,

I’ve visited your blogs and left comments. Please check and revise your work(s) accordingly. Writing is probably the most difficult of the four skills and the only way to learn to write is by practicing writing. So, all you have to do is pick up your pen and start with your first sentence, second…and you’ll find it much easier than you expect! Lily, Cherry, Vincent and Anita have compelted all the writing assignments for the first day. Eddie, William, and the above-mentioned did a good job in composing their  profiles. I salute them for their hard work. Please visit their blogs for inspiration. Also, remember to add your comment on the assigned news today.


Introduce yourself to the world!

一月 27, 2008

Dear all,

The first assignment is to write an introduction of yourself. You can do it by answering the following questions:

1. What is your name? (What is your nickname?) How did you get the name?

2. Introduce your family members—your parents, and your brother(s) and sister(s). What roles do they play in your life? Who do you feel close to? Why?

3. What is your personality like? Outgoing, cheerful, active, optimistic…? Or reserved, shy, quiet…? Give examples to illustrate your traits. (Or you can talk about the constellation of the Zodiac [星座] you belong to and how it depicts your personalities? Refer to The Twelve Mystical Constellations of the Zodiac for information)

4. What are your hobbies? Why do you like them?

5. What are your personal gifts and strengths? You can start with “Something about myself that I am proud of is…." or “Some of my favorite qualities about myself are…" or “Some gifts I was born with are…"

6. Tell your best achievement(s) so far.

7. What do you want to do/be in the future?

8. Anything else you would like to share about yourself.

You can write on the paper and hand it to me after class or write it on the computer and send it to me at I’ll have it corrected by tomorrow.